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Tired of the wearing the same old paracord bracelet as everyone else? Want to differentiate yourself from the herd of folks wearing paracord bracelets to look cool even though they will never use them because they have no idea that what they are wearing is actually a practical survival tool rather than a trendy fashion accessory? One way to make your paracord bracelet different is to put spent brass in it. This does not serve much of a practical purpose, but it is unique...much more so than the off-the-shelf bracelets now sold at your local drugstore.

First, start by acquiring some spent brass, be it by hitting up some friends who shoot or going shooting yourself, which is always fun. Varying sizes will work, but shown below is .22. Decide how much you would like to use in your bracelet, be it all the way around or just a few casings. Remember to use spent brass so nothing goes boom!

Your next step is punching holes in brass. This can be done a multitude of ways, such as with a drill press, but the poor man's route (hammer and nail) is also an option and worked just fine for us (as long as you use a big enough nail).

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Once you've got your selected amount of brass punched full of holes, it is time to start your bracelet. Since you are going to be pushing your paracord through the hole in the brass, you will want to burn the edges so they don't catch or fray. Another helpful tactic is to cut the edge at an angle and burn that angle into place; this will enable you to push a thinner amount of cord through the hole which you can then pull from the other side. Pulling is much easier than pushing in this case, so give yourself an advantage.

Select the points where you wish to place your brass and tie them into your bracelet with the knot of your choice. In the bracelet below, there are 4 casings which are set atop the wrist in a highly visible area. There would have been 5 casings but one of them got whacked a little too vigorously with a hammer so beware of making similar mistakes.

When you are done, you will have a bracelet that still has all the survival capabilities with an extra bit of flair to distinguish you from the armchair paracord quarterbacks of the world. Enjoy it and wear it with pride!

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