Brakeaway buckles (safety buckles)

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    Hi new to the forum and paracord,
    i've been mostly just reading and learning
    have bought one or a few things and just done some practice
    doing bracelets - but i want to try and do some tag dog collars
    these wont be used as normal collars, just for tags, but I'm struggling to find decent safety breakaway buckles in the uk, I'm hoping to do the collars with glow in the dark cord added in to it, so as they become duel purpose.

    Also wanted to ask i've seen some of the glow in the dark cord that says it has 9 inner strands and then some say 7 :dunno:.

    Also have another question, being in the uk it is difficult to get hold of cord there are a few now importing the 550, but no one is yet importing any of the other cords, i was looking at the 425 on paracord galaxy as eventually want to do some necklaces to raise money for the lurcher rescue i help out with, but is it actually worth the import shipping costs.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You will have to factor in the import cost as part of your total cost then you will know if it's worth the import cost and how much you can sell them for.

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    Try Paracord Ireland. Roy is a great guy. Tell him Bart sent you. :)