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Bracelet odor

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Hey guys.I wear my para cord bracelets everywhere,but they have the worst odor,and I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to get the odor out of my bracelets.thanks
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I would wash with some soap and warm water. Be careful as paracord will shrink in hot water. Thats what I do anyway.
Wash it or make a new one.
Yeah, hand soap or dish soap. Use cold water though. Warm/hot will shrink it after a while. Mine smells too. Like man. Lol
Just spray it with some febreeze :p LOL
Just spray it with some febreeze :p LOL
Yeah! That stuff fixes everything lol. Like the WD-40 for stink.
I normally use a little bit of dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush with cold water, works pretty good for me and I'm a heavy sweater too.
i just let mine stink!! the smell of survival and victory!!....JK dish soap and cold water, maybe febreeze
Yeah! That stuff fixes everything lol. Like the WD-40 for stink.
Exactly. or ducktape of stink depending on how you look at it :D:cheers1:
Wash it in the shower with warm water and shampoo. Then let it sit out to dry. Makes my wife crazy when I use her good shampoo.
Exactly. or ducktape of stink depending on how you look at it :D:cheers1:
You must be from the Ozarks as well ;)
Ive never noticed an odor off mine, but then again I wear it in the shower so it prolly gets cleaned in there.
I use a little hand soap and cool water. I scrub with an old toothbrush. It helps with the stink and it gets the brighter colored cord closer to it's original glory when life get's dirty.

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I just leave mine in my pocket and send it through the wash with my clothes works great for mine

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My EDC bracelet doesn't have an odor and I've been wearing it daily (when I leave the house) for over 2 years.
I just wear mine in the shower once in a while and that usually keeps it fresh.

On the ones that have become really stanky, I wash them thoroughly with water and hand soap, then I put them wet in a small container with baking soda and make sure they're covered with it as well. I let them sit overnight then the next morning I rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry.
I have a hard time wearing one all the time, I don't like wearing watches either.
If the cord is pre shrunk put the bracelet in the pocket of a pair of jeans and wash with your normal laundry. Did this on accident once and the bracelet shrank up to kids size.

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