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I'm needing to get a late graduation present for one of my friends son. He is really into baseball so I figured I would buy him a bat. The problem is is that I basically do not know much about the sport or its equipment.

I've been looking on sites like and but have yet to find a bat I think she will be best with. He is a right hander and 17 if that makes a difference.

Does anyone have recommendations of sites to use to buy baseball bats online? What is the best brand for a youth? Louisville Slugger? Easton?


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I've always felt good with a wooden slugger. It's traditional, and you can get it burned with his name or whatever from a woodsmith. Something about the way a ball cracks against the wood, warms my heart.

I am 30 years old, and I would cherish that gift to this day if I got it. Buy it on Amazon. It will probably be cheaper plus free shipping for Prime. :D

If you want to get spendy, Demarini's get really good reviews.
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