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Beads Anyone?

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I have really taken to putting beads on my projects. First small metal ones, looked good on single color project such as fobs, bracelets, etc. Than I started making necklaces for my wife which she likes. I have also made some prayer beads ( rosaries ). I am just having a hard time finding a good selection of beads appropriate for paracord. They need to have at least a 4mm hole and look like they belong on Paracord (whatever that means). anyone else like beads on your paracord projects and have a good source?
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The only time I used beads with paracord was to make pace beads (Ranger beads). Now for your question. Did you try Michael's or Johann's for beads. I got my beads for my pace beads from Michael's which had over 100 different sized beads for cheap.
Really cool beads would look nice on certain paracord items.
Would love to see Pictures of them!

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simple wooden beads look nice if tastefully done.. these are super cheap at most craft stores and we just drill them out to meet our requirements..


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Nice color combinations. Very classy looking.
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