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Autism Awareness Bracelet....

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This is as simple as it gets....standard cobra weave, but of course you need fids to get the ribbon on....
I'm a Boy Scout leader with my son's Troop and we are having 30 scouts making these for Autism Awareness month (April).


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Is that the Gobstopper color paracord? If so I picked up 100 feet of it about two weeks ago.
Good call, MrParacord! Yep....It's Gobstopper!
Oh ok. I thought so. I picked up 100" feet really cheap recently.
Whenever I buy paracord, it's never less than 100ft. I think I have about 40-50 colors on hand......and I save any cut-off 12" or longer.....for zipper pulls and for those "thin line" bracelets.
You must have a good supplier with a lot of different colors.
I toggle between 2 places... has the best quality paracord (in my oninion) and is $6.75/100ft....the downside is they don't offer as much variety of paracord. I also get my steel balls there. on the other hand, has a RIDICULOUS variety of paracord, but find that their paracord is of lesser quality (in my opinion). Sometimes hard to work with when melting cords together. Prices vary, but they do have sales all the time and discount coupons.
Not sure......but they specifically have a "Made in USA" category....I guess to imply whats better
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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