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    Hello all,

    First time posting, also my first time making something out of parachord. I decided to make a rifle sling for my ar pistol because I had some red accent anti roll pins and couldn't find the kind of sling I was looking for. Thanks to youtube and this site for the wealth of knowledge I was able to come up with this.


    2 color cobra weave with a king kobra to finish it off. It's a little sloppy for my first sling, but it does the job. It's tough and super comfy. So I am planning another one for a different AR using grey and black only this time I am going to incorporate an adjustable nylon portion and use different attachment devices.

    I definitely found a new hobby and am planning on honing my skills to make a few more items. Monkey fist is coming soon and I also made a simple keychain. It's too bad the market is so saturated because I could totally see myself doing this for work. Very peaceful and enjoyable.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    That's a nice looking AR and a nice color choice for the sling. That sling looks good to me.

    Yeah I went from selling paracord products to now selling hot dogs from a push cart or MFE because the paracord market is all about the lowest possible price and now since you can get that Chinese paracord junk at big box stores it's harder to sell to the masses.

    I still make things for family and close friends but not for the masses anymore.
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