Anyway to tie a cross knot chain a bit more easily?

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    Hi folks, I was looking at stormdranes excellent cross knot chain lanyard, (
    and although I managed to follow his instructions, it was only achieved by exact mimicry.
    My brain lost cohesion trying to remember it, and I can't reproduce it unless watching the pics.

    So just wondering if anyone had a more....memory friendly method of trying that?

    Eg, do you have to do it with all the loops or could you kind of tilt a standard cross knot on it's side and space it apart, but still tie it with the over under loose ends method I'm used to making a box weave fob.?

    I realise repeated practise will,eventually embed it in my thick skull, but I also learnt that people often have tips and methods they use that are different,to achieve the same effect.

    Some knot sites have shown me mindblowingly easy ways to tie what I once found complex knots..

    Any tips appreciated! :)


    (Just the box knot chain, not the end wrap bit)


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