Any SCUBA Divers out there?

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  1. Hydrashoks

    Hydrashoks ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    ..I have an addiction to expensive hobbies...Diving is one of them...

    any other divers?

    -Certs thru NAUI, PADI, and SDI/TDI
    -Nitrox, Wreck, Deco/Advanced Deco, Deep, Cavern/Full Cave, Rescue, etc
    -Scubapro and Oceanic Tech

    I've primarily've been a New England wreck diver, but have dove all around the world. My favorite times are to be honest, when I get to work in classes w new divers just learning or taking refreshers.

    i've got some underwater pics that i'll have to scare up...but here's a few.

    Here's the shop I dive w working a DUI drysuit demo at a quarry.


    Me on the left, and one of my diving hero's Dom.


    Here's me in my handmade OMS wreck/tech rig at Dutch Springs PA. I was there assisting a class, and it's a good environment to try out new gear....and find stuff on the bottom that other folks lose...

  2. heater413

    heater413 New Member

    I'm still a newbie diver.

    Venturing, BSA is my life.

  3. MrParacord

    MrParacord Moderator

    I like to learn about the various creatures under the sea. But I'm not a diver or swimmer.
    I haven't been swimming since I was a kid.
    I hope this thread gets updated with some underwater pics.
  4. flareside_ford94

    flareside_ford94 New Member

    Been Padi open water certified since 1999. I thought I would do more diving local to me but it just didn't happen. Need a refresher before I do anymore diving.
  5. jimmybrayjr

    jimmybrayjr New Member

    Been paid cert since 1984, dove Cozumel , Aruba,Florida rt 75 corridor , done some ice diving , cave and cavern diving , made over 1000 dives but don't have much time right now

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