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Made these last week for my niece and nephew, and figured I'd post it for you guys to see.


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It actually wasn't too bad. Took me about 20 mins per to do. I'll do a tutorial if anyone is interested...
Very nice. Those will do well at my church. What size are they?
A tutorial would be great. Not my kinda thing but I know a few people would love it if I made them one.
Those are sweet! I would like a tutorial. And not just because I want more posts, I want to know how you did it!
I'll put a tutorial together on making them. Give me a few days. :)
Gracias Senior. :)
The wings look like the hardest part.
I guess the OP didn't have time to make a tutorial judging by the last post.
I'd definitely be up for a tutorial. I know quite a few people who'd be interested in those.
I would like to see how its made. My mom would go nuts for that

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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