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Admin Welcome...

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Hello to All,

The name is Dave and I am the PF Admin. Please browse around the forum and post away. If you see any topics that aren't covered, please be sure to let us know!

Please read the rules before posting, and of course, introduce yourself here!
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Hi Dave. My name is Josh. Apparently nobody wants to talk to you. And thats sad. So I'll talk to you :)
Very sad. The life of a scary person. Should I ban everyone who ignored me? :cool:
Yes, swing away!
Dang, called my bluff. LOL.

I need you guys!
You are not Dave. you are Vin. Don't BS us Vin! Oh, BTW, I'm Mark....
Hello Dave, the name is Gerald :D
Great to meat you. Yes, it was on purpose. :p

You are not Dave. you are Vin. Don't BS us Vin! Oh, BTW, I'm Mark....
True story! What was I thinking? :cheers2:

I feel like I'm in AA right now.
Only better, and without the withdrawals!
Hey Vin !!
Hey Vin !!
Hi! :bcndnc:
Have you created any paracord items ?

If so...can you link the subforum to visit...thanks !
Hi Vin, everyone, my name is Wade and I'm a paracordacholic.

Not really, I can stop anytime I want to.

Actually, I'm new to here and to paracord crafts.

I have a new "Shrade Extreme Survival Knife SCHF9" coming and would like to make a decent looking, but strong and functional lanyard to put on it.

I ordered 50 ft. of black Rothco Type III Commercial Paracord earlier tonight and would like to pick up some ideas on what to do with it while waiting for the arrival of both.
Great to meat you... :p
You ain't gonna "meat" me, I'm not a liberal.
Welcome vin.I don't think I've ever saw you here
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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