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The most common paracord bracelet you will see is the cobra stitch (AKA Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet). This is probably because it is the easiest to both make and unravel. It also packs a lot of cord into a small bracelet, that being one foot for every tied inch, making it a logical choice for your survival needs. These bracelets can get a little boring after a while though, so folks have started looking for ways to enhance them. One of the ways this is done is by adding a center stripe.

A center stripe may not seem like much, but it has become very popular. It is especially common in support bracelets, such as the Thin Blue Line for Police Officers and the Thin Red Line for Fire Fighters. There are many other bracelets that incorporate a single strand of color through the middle as a show of support or to represent something. In fact, I would venture to say that is the most common reason for adding that color with the exception of making bracelets that incorporate three colors to represent team or school colors.

The easiest way I have found to do this is by cutting a piece of cord about four inches longer than the bracelet itself and gutting it. By removing the inner strands, you enable the cord to lay flatter, but it works with the inner strands intact as well-the preference is yours. I simply tuck the center line cord through the buckle on both ends, tying over the excess on the underside and alternating over and under on the upper side that is visible when you wear it. I also make it a point to pull it tight after every few knots so it does not bunch up or move off center.

When you reach the end, give yourself enough slack to get the last few knots over and under the top portion of the cord while tying over the cord on the underside and locking it into place. By tying over the cord on the underside, you prevent the need for a burn, which keeps your bracelet feeling smoother and more comfortable against your wrist. You do have to cut excess from the rest of the bracelet and seal with a burn, however.

Adding a center stripe is a great way to throw in an extra splash of color to represent a cause or organization you hold dear. While the center cord is only a few inches longer than your bracelet and may be gutted depending on your preference, it is not going to be extremely useful in a survival situation. What it will do is look good, and in some cases that is enough.
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