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I have aching shoulders and triceps and a stiff neck all from paracording!!

Obviously this will wear off when I get more hours in, but I can hardly lift my arm today:eek:

What sort of positions do you all adopt when working? I am thinking I might need something like an architects drawing board to keep me upright.

Currently I dont secure the project (a friend is making a jig for me) so its usually on my desk or lap, hence the stiff neck.
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A nice jig helps a lot. I made two different sizes for the small and large laps in the family. Helps you concentrate on the job instead of keeping everything in place to do the job, which is a job of it's own.
I kinda use a jig.
A length of paracord from the back of a chair infront of me that goes to the top of the piece im working on, then another piece of cord from the bottom that runs to a wood dowel that i tuck under my knees. this way i can positon it any way i want and keeping it taught and easier to work on while keeping it infront of me and close enough to me to keep my back and neck straight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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