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    I am relatively new to paracording. Have done a few bracelets with compasses included. Wanting to order more cord in several different colors and some buckles,problem is I am seeing 100 ftrolls priced from 4.99to9.49. Can someone please explain the differences to me in particular it seems that cord indicating mil spec is more expensive, why is that. Most of what I will be doing will be survival bracelets, would like to make abelt or two. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    The prices on cord vary greatly because of many factors. If all things were fair, it would basically boil down to where it's made and the raw materials used.

    To make it simple, there are two types of materials used to make paracord, nylon and polyester. Most manufacturers will use either 100% nylon or nylon in the inner core threads and polyester for the sheath. This effects price as it's typically more expensive to do 100% nylon. Keep in mind that there are different grades of all these materials too. so that can affect price.

    Mil-spec is a term thrown around all the time and most times what you get isn't really Mil-spec. It's a commercial version of paracord. If it doesn't have 8 inner cores of 3 strands, it's not mil-spec, well at least not the US mil-spec. You can go to wikipedia and read up on the mil-spec specification.

    Stick with suppliers that first and for most, tell you who made the cord. Like EL Wood, Gladding, Franklin Braid or Atwood(for the poly stuff). If you don't know who made it, you'll get any number of problems with the cord.

    Hope this helps some. (This is a really complicated question to answer)