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2.5mm 4 strand cord?

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2.5mm 4 strand cord?

I recently got a Vargo Titanium whistle on what seems to be a 2.5mm 4 strand cord.

Is there a standard military cord that's smaller than 550 paracord? I've heard of it, but am not sure what's it's called, or where to get it.

It's great stuff. Much thinner and stiffer than 550, and I'd like to source some to do various projects.

Any info much appreciated!
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There is utility cord (REI and others)
There is 450 cord and Minicord at Paracord Plant (and other online sources)
Hobby Lobby has a limited variety of 325 cord (If there is a store near you)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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