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  1. General Paracord Discussion
  2. Completed Projects & Ideas
    I made a money fist keychain yesterday using an 5/8" steel ball, 1" keyring, 4' OD paracord and about 4' of purple. The purple is what I had on hand after making my daughters belt. I put it on my keys today and it works nice as a slap or whatever the name is. :) It measures 7 inches from monkey...
  3. Completed Projects & Ideas
    Just a little monkey fist I made to throw in the park with my girlfriend. I put some cobra knotting near the fist to keep it from loosening and to add some colour so we don't hit each other. Then added the Celtic knot flyers because well... I could. They look cool flying in the air. It's a 1inch...
  4. Knots, Knots, Knots
    I can't seem to get this knot right. LOL. Anyone have a link to really good instructions on it?
1-4 of 4 Results