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  1. Knives
    Ive been debating about getting he BK2 for about two to three years. I know the scales leave much to desire and now I can order Micarta scales if I wanted. The RAT-5 on the other had is something i have been thinking about recently. I'm looking for a quality fixed blade knife and I'm not...
  2. Knives
    What is your experience with the different knife steels? AUS-8, D2, A2, etc etc. Post up your use and wear results.
  3. Knives
    I have a Gerber knife, and it's pretty solid, but being a cheap stainless, the edge doesn't last long. I miss my Gerber LMFII, but I didn't like that it wasn't a full tang and don't want to buy another one. I want a full tang survival knife that has a strong steel (maybe AUS-8/10 or A2) and...
1-3 of 3 Results