Remember Paracord Colors with a Scrap Ring

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    There is a vast array of paracord colors available for purchase. Though there are many available at present, new and more interesting colors are being born every day. Some of these colors are rather exotic and unique while many even come in color combinations or camouflage patterns.

    With the plethora of paracord to choose from sometimes having only slight color variations, it can be hard to tell them apart. This is especially the case when looking at colors on a computer screen as slight variations in colors are possible due to lighting and monitor settings. If you've got your heart set on a particular color and order online, it can be disappointing when it gets to you and is not what you expected. In order to keep your colors straight, keep track of the colors you like with a scrap ring.

    When you come across paracord you like and wish to use and purchase again, make a piece of it into a permanent fixture in your home so that you will always remember what it looks like. It is also helpful to remember what it is called, but this can be tricky as colors often go by different names. As paracord is made or resold, the manufacturers and sellers often name it whatever they see fit, or name it what they think it is supposed to be called, which is not always accurate.

    While two different manufacturers may make the same color, they may both call it by different names, so when you buy it is important to make a note of from where and what that manufacturer or seller refers to your paracord selection as. These notes will come in especially handy if you sell the items you make as your buyers will grow accustomed to certain colors. If they purchase more than one item of a certain color, they will expect all of the colors to be the same, so it is important for you to ensure such a thing.


    To keep track of your colors with a scrap ring, all you need is about an inch or two of each color and a ring of some sort. The ring itself can be made of paracord as well, but make it several inches in diameter so you can fit multiple cords on it. As you find colors you wish to keep in mind for future use, snip a piece off of the end and loop it around your ring. Singe the ends and press them together to make a complete circle that will not fall off of your storage ring.

    This way, when it comes time to reference colors you like for future use, you will have them all together in one place.

    If you have any questions about how something looks and feels, consult your ring for answers before deciding if you wish to buy more of one color versus another. This type of storage ring will take up very little space but can truly save the day when you have color questions only able to be answered by holding the actual paracord in your hand.

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