Paracord Neck Lanyards

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Being able to carry items in new and different ways is a lot of the reason paracord has been so widely embraced. Paracord is everywhere, having taken on new jobs as well as grabbing hold of old ones and making them better. One of these old things that paracord has improved is the lanyard.

For quite some time, boring lanyards have rested around the necks of people as a means to carry work identification badges or keys. These lanyards were a flat, dull color with a cheap clip that barely worked on a good day and broke in pieces on a bad one. It was a design rather easy to improve upon, especially when paracord is added to the equation.

To make a neck lanyard out of paracord, you first need to select the color you wish to use and the type of snap. Purchasing snaps from a hardware or home improvement store is a good start; there you will find many different options and can acquaint yourself with different shapes and sizes to see what will work best for you. With your snap in tow, measuring the length you wish your lanyard to be comes next. Remember that you want a loop big enough to go over your head comfortably that will also not hang too low on your chest. Measuring beforehand is much better than guessing as you want to ensure you will get the desired result, although you can utilize a connector rather than making the entire lanyard one whole, intact piece of cord.

With your measured and cut paracord in hand, start by folding it in half. Pull the loop you have created at the halfway point through the base of the snap you have chosen. At this time, slide the slack through to create the size loop you wish to have for the portion of the lanyard that will go over your head. Once this is done, return your attention to the base of the snap. With the excess cord, start to tie the knot of your choice, such as a cobra stitch. Tie as many or as few knots as you would like to cover the section of the lanyard nearest the snap and cut excess then seal with a burn when you are done.

The completed project should be a neck lanyard from which you can hang keys or work badges comfortably. Since you made it to your own custom specifications, it should fit and feel better to you than any previous 'one size fits all' lanyards have. In addition to being fit for comfort, it will have a more interesting and appealing look thanks to being made with a color and style you love. Even though it can be a drag getting up and going to work every day, having a paracord neck lanyard to go along with you is sure to make it at least a little bit better.

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March 6, 2014  •  04:17 PM
If you're going to use a safety breakaway as shown on the blue and white one, don't place it centered on the back your neck. Instead put it on one of the sides below the neck. The breakaways are designed to work with linear force. Any change in angle caused by bending the cord around your neck will keep the breakaway from working the way it was designed. Safety First!
November 18, 2015  •  11:35 AM
If you're someone who has multiple IDs and have no desire to use multiple lanyards, you could utilize a fastex or similar buckle and make an attachment point on each ID card. That way you can quickly swap IDs out by unbuckling one and buckling on another.